Who we are

Her passion for 3D printing brought her from Italy to the Netherlands. Nadia is determined to show the potential of this technology to the world. Creating something beautiful and useful is her motto.


A marine biologist with a passion for sea dragons, connecting people and the written word. During her career as an environmental engineer Astrid got involved in reef restoration projects all over the world.

Construction worker for almost 2 decades, Process manager in D-Shape in the construction of 3D printers and in printing and logistics of Production. Organizational and planning skills, he believes in the future of industrial technological production. 

Civil engineer, Marketing Manager in DShape working with the first prototype printer. Passionate in computational design and parametric engineering algorithms,  to create any three-dimensional models of modular coral reefs.

Chemical engineer, R&D Engineer in DShape for the research of additive solutions for printing materials.  . Always passionate about technology, he believes in the progress of technology and the innovative solutions it brings.