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About us
Let's introduce you to our passionate team

Our Team



Nadia is the heart of Coastruction, its technological development and long-term vision. She has a degree in Computer Science and worked for multiple 3D printing companies. She led the production of the first large-format concrete 3D printer and printed several large-scale artificial reefs worldwide. She is passionate about our Blue Planet and is happy to share this passion through her work.


Sam van den Oever

Mechanical engineer

During his masters in Mechanical Engineering at Delft University of Technology he developed a strong mechanical background which he wants to employ to work towards a sustainable future. With the drive to work in the future on both an engineering and a social level, by working on projects in both fields. Bringing them together to on the one hand learn people about what technology can change for the better, but more importantly to practice engineering with a strong societal awareness. 


Climate Change & Sustainability specialist

With a Master's in Urban Management and Development, specialization in Urban Environments, Sustainability and Climate Change and a decade of experience, she supports stakeholder engagement and builds investment relationships, helping with targeting SDGs and marketing the company. She researches sustainability, carbon credits and other climate change issues. Her positivity and enthusiasm are a wonderful addition to the Coastruction team.


Civil Engineer

Paolo is a civil engineer from Italy. His expertise lies in development of parametric algorithms which are key for creating modular artificial coral reefs. Paolo is collaborating with Coastruction to ensure that projects are well-engineered and 3D printed structures withstand the tough conditions of Mother Nature.


Lead Engineer

Andries is an enthusiastic and passionate mechatronic engineer. His background is in Aerospace Engineering, with a decade of experience in software development for automation and various experiences in mechatronics. He is leading the R&D projects of Coastruction and is in charge of the innovation, design and development of Coastruction’s 3D printers and software. 

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Josine Beets

Project & Business Development Manager

With a double degree in Nanobiology and Science Communication from Delft University of Technology, Josine brings both scientific expertise and effective communication skills to the Coastruction team. She has a deep understanding of the intersection between technology and the natural world. When not immersed in managing the projects and business development, she loves exploring marine life through diving and snorkeling, fostering a firsthand connection to the environments Coastruction seeks to preserve and enhance.


Head of Marketing

As the Head of Marketing, Debby takes care of Coastruction's marketing strategy. She has over a decade of experience across start-ups and multinationals. Passionate about crafting compelling messaging and employing thoughtful strategies, she ensures that Coastruction's 3D printing technology and purpose-built reefs resonate with audiences worldwide. Her mission is our mission: protection and restoration of marine ecosystems, for a sustainable future of our Blue Planet.

Carlos Rego 02.png

Multidisciplinary Designer, Biomimicry Specialist

With a broad experience in delivering sustainable and innovative Nature driven solutions, Carlos is our external expert in Design and Biomimicry Thinking, ensuring the full adoption of these methodologies in the research, development and implementation of the Coastruction products, processes and systems. His work has been internationally recognised with several major design awards.

Our Student Contributors



Currently doing a Master in Marine Sciences at the University of Utrecht and having a background in Astronomy, Lise has obtained a diverse set of skills centered around sciences, programming, data analysis and creative thinking. Her main responsibility is establishing a database for Coastruction’s projects. This initiative aims to show the track record of the company, which will hopefully inspire people to help the planet and learn from our experience.


Graduate Structural Engineering

Geert is doing his Master's thesis on material design for concrete 3D printing at the TU Delft and Coastruction. He has a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and is currently finishing his Master's degree in Structural Engineering. From this background, he can provide Coastruction knowledge about concrete material science, concrete modelling and strength calculations. With his research, he obtains valuable information on how to create strong, sustainable and durable concrete products.

Our Advisory Board


David Lennon

Artificial Reef Design & Construct

Expert in the design of artificial reefs and reef layouts with more than 25 years of experience in the industry globally. He has founded 4 artificial reef companies and designed and patented reef unit designs. He first used a particle bed printer to print reef units back in 2012 and is passionate about innovation and advancing artificial reef design, therefore is excited to help Coastruction.


Vishal Dembla

Business advisor

An entrepreneurial leader with success in scaling and managing business with multinationals and mid-sized start-ups. Vishal brings more than 20 years of progressive experience across a wide range of senior roles. He will help Coastruction to have a strong business strategy.


Jeroen Ghijsen

Business advisor

An expert entrepreneur with years of experience in business development and strategy to lead from prototypes to products. Also experienced in sales and marketing of new products.

With his decades of experience, he will advise our team to successfully bring on the market Coastruction business. 

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