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Collaboration with Studio Tim Fu

Harnessing the power of modern AI to revitalise marine life. 🌊

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Studio Tim Fu, a London-based architectural practice, to deliver holistic AI-powered artificial reef designs for the Red Sea and Gulf. Led by our artificial reef expert David Lennon, our team is working with Studio Tim Fu to harness the power of AI through a fusion of architectural marvels and eco-friendly 3D printed artificial reefs to create sunken sanctuaries that not only provide marine habitats, but also promote tourism by offering a unique experience for divers.

This innovation uses AI to generate 3D shapes that combine the natural beauty of corals with classic sculptural forms. Analytical algorithms are also used to ensure optimal habitat variation, sunlight penetration and water flow.

The designs are then printed using coastruction’s unique 3D printing technology and sustainable materials. Through this tech-infused approach, we aim to maximise the long-term sustainability of marine life.

These innovative AI-powered artificial reef designs were also showcased at the RIBA Architecture Exhibition during the Dubai Design Week.

At Coastruction will always push the boundaries and paving the way for a sustainable marine ecosystem!

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