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Erosion test installation

Tested and Proven! 💪

We have successfully completed the erosion and natural growth experiment on our 3D Printed artificial reefs in the Maas River in Rotterdam and the results are impressive.

In April 2022, We installed our 3D printed structures in front of the RDM Innovation Dock for Erosion testing and we have been monitoring them since then. The aim is to assess how resistant our products are to erosion and how quickly they can attract natural growth while immersed in the sea. We installed geometrically shaped 3D Printed artificial reefs made mainly of natural materials along the sea wall of the port of Rotterdam, exposed to tides and waves.

After 13 months, we collected them and analyzed the erosion and growth on the pieces. We found that the total erosion on the pieces was less than 1%, which shows that our artificial reefs are durable and resilient and can withstand the harsh marine environment.

In addition, despite the poor state of biodiversity in the river, we observed natural growth on the pieces, indicating that our artificial reefs can support natural growth and recovery of marine biodiversity. The pictures below are only 3 months apart and you can see the difference in the appearance of the pieces. We are thrilled with these results and hope to continue our work in restoring and protecting our coasts and oceans with our innovative technology.

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