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Revealing Coastruction's Resilience

We have completed the erosion and natural growth experiment on our 3D-printed artificial reefs in the Maas River in Rotterdam and the results are impressive.

Back in April 2022, we installed a series of geometrically shaped 3D-printed artificial reefs in front of the RDM Innovation Dock for rigorous erosion testing. These structures, primarily crafted from natural materials, were strategically placed along the sea wall of the port of Rotterdam, braving the tides and waves of the river.

After 13 months of continuous monitoring, we collected and analyzed the reefs to evaluate their erosion levels and natural growth. Remarkably, the results exceeded our expectations: the total erosion observed on the pieces was less than 1%. This impressive resistance to erosion demonstrates the durability and resilience of our artificial reefs, proving their capability to withstand the challenging marine environment.

Moreover, despite the river's biodiversity challenges, we observed significant natural growth on the reefs. This encouraging sign indicates that our artificial reefs not only withstand the elements but also support the recovery and flourishing of marine life in their surroundings.

The images below showcase the transformation of the reefs over just three months, highlighting the remarkable progress of natural growth on our structures. These promising results fuel our enthusiasm to continue leveraging our innovative technology for the restoration and protection of our coasts and oceans.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into our research and strive to make a meaningful impact on marine conservation through our 3D printing solutions!


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