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Installation in the Oostvoorne Lake

Exciting update from Oostvoorne!🌊🐟

Our 3d printed units are installed and sink in the water of the Oostvoorne Lake!

Thanks to the hard work of our team and the help from TouchWind we could make it happens.

We also proceeded with the first monitoring survey and the results are amazing. Using underwater cameras, aided by excellent visibility thanks to the sunshine, we've recorded a resounding success.

Within four months of installation, our 3D printed structures attached to the wind turbine anchors are proving to be thriving habitats as they are already full of aquatic life from gobies, crabs and shrimp, and other creatures. The lake, once considered ecologically challenged with poor aquatic life, is now teeming with life. We are delighted to see that our project is having a positive impact on the lake's ecosystem. This early success fuels our commitment to sustainable innovation and ecological enrichment. Watch the video below to the end and say hello to our underwater friends.

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