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Reefs 'R Us Workshop

Yesterday, Coastruction proudly hosted the Reefs 'R Us workshop at Hugo De Groot School in Rotterdam. One of our central missions is to collaborate closely together with local communities to create awareness of local marine eco-systems. This workshop marked a first step in nurturing environmental responsibility among the youth in Rotterdam and raising awareness about the precarious state of our oceans and coral reefs. Engaging students in such initiatives is vital, as they are the future generation.

During the workshop, Mechanical Engineer Sam van den Oever spoke to the students, giving insights into our technology and the pivotal role coral reefs play in marine ecosystems. The highlight of the workshop for the students was their role in designing clay models of artificial reefs.

Their creations reflected both creativity and a shared dedication to ocean conservation. Coastruction's team is now hard at work selecting some of these pieces to transform into functional and beautiful designs that will enhance biodiversity and structural integrity at our target location, Persoonshaven in Rotterdam.

Thanks to the invaluable support of CityLab010, we successfully realized this workshop and are excited to embark on new endeavors in 2024. Stay tuned for the exciting developments ahead!


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