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Shaping Coral Restoration

We started a pilot to assess coral growth on several samples of our purpose-built reefs. By refining the designs of our artificial reefs we will enhance existing restoration techniques and increase the preservation of marine ecosystems globally.

This project marks a significant milestone in Coastruction's commitment to marine restoration efforts. Collaborating with divers and research institutes in coral restoration, we assess how different shapes of 3D-printed structures affect coral growth in an experimental setting.

A series of intricately designed 3D-printed structures (below) were developed for this project, serving as substrates for coral fragments. This enables us to evaluate how shapes influence coral growth over time. Metrics such as coral health, growth rates, and substrate adhesion will provide comprehensive data for analysis.

The outcomes of this research will inform future coral restoration initiatives and contribute to innovative solutions for reef rehabilitation. Coastruction aims to optimize the designs of 3D-printed structures based on the insights gained, maximizing benefits for coral reefs and marine ecosystems.

Stay tuned for regular updates on this project!

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