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Testing at Deltares

Coastruction's Purpose Built reefs for wave control and coastal protection!🌊🐠

We are excited to share with you the amazing results of our collaboration with Deltares, where we evaluated the performance of our 3D-printed artificial reefs designed by David Lennon, our experts advisor. Our objective was to assess the transmission of our complex structures under wave conditions and compare our designs with traditional concrete cubes for coastal protection. Our designs are based on adaptability to water flow and marine life support through ledges for corals, permeability, and porosity.

The project was led by Florine Speth, a former Master's student in Hydraulic Engineering at TU Delft, who worked with us as an intern and analyzed this test for her graduation thesis, titled "Physical Modeling of 3D-Printed Artificial Reefs with Complex Shapes in the Wave Flume", under the support and guidance of our founder, Nadia Fani.

Her findings showed that our technology is as effective as the concrete cubes in wave prevention, but unlike traditional concrete, our innovative artificial reefs offer additional benefits by promoting biodiversity and coral growth.

We are proud of this achievement and grateful for the opportunity to work with Deltares. We believe that our 3D-printed artificial reefs can provide a sustainable and ecological solution for coastal protection and biodiversity restoration. We look forward to continuing our research and development on this topic, and to collaborating with more partners in the future.

In the link you can learn more about the results of our experiment:

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