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We partner with The Coral Reef Hotels Association

We are incredibly honoured and privileged to partner with the Coral Reef Hotels Association!

At Coastruction we see this collaboration as a significant opportunity to implement our unwavering commitment to marine conservation and sustainable tourism.

The Coral Reef Hotels Association is a young growing organisation aimed at reef-side hotel properties working on the preservation of healthy coral reefs and pristine waters for vibrant marine life, climate sustainability, guest enjoyment and long-term hotel business prosperity.

The Association’s mission aligns perfectly with ours at Coastruction, making this partnership a natural fit and affording us the sort of reach potential that our business will thrive on.

The incursion of rising sea levels and temperatures and more tempestuous weather fronts are real threats to coastal communities and reef-side tourism.

For us, this collaboration allows us to use our revolutionary mobile, in-situ, small-scale, 3D printing technology and expertise in artificial reef construction to help regenerate coral ecosystems and biodiversity and protect coastlines in stunning locations around the globe.

As the Association’s on-boarding of hotels accelerates, we will work hand in hand to create a sustainable future where coral reefs thrive and guests can experience the awe-inspiring beauty of marine life first-hand.


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