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Coral Restoration: Dutch-Hawaiian Collaboration

In collaboration with the Division of Aquatic Resources in Hawaii, Coastruction's 3D-printed coral larval settlement substrates underwent an evaluation to assess their efficacy in hosting marine life. Led by our partners in Hawaii, this study is a step forward in advancing sustainable methods for coral reef restoration.

After one year promising results have been found. The transplanted larvae attached to the 3D-printed substrates have exhibited remarkable growth rates, indicating the substantial potential of our material to sustain and host marine life.

The images provide a visual narrative, showcasing the evolution of our structures from their initial fabrication (above) to the thriving coral colonies they now harbor (below).

This breakthrough not only signifies a step forward in preserving our Blue Planet but also sets the stage for the adoption of sustainable methodologies in coral reef restoration initiatives on a global scale. Therefore, we extend our sincere gratitude to the dedicated team of the Division of Aquatic Resources for their commitment to marine conservation and restoration.

For more detailed insights into our ongoing research and its outcomes, please stay tuned for updates on our LinkedIn or Instagram.


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