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Overtopping on Coastruction's Reef

We performed one of our most significant research projects on overtopping using our artificial reefs designed by David Lennon. The study, led by Florine Speth under the guidance of Nadia Fani, focused on overtopping and produced promising results. The results reinforce our mission to effectively protect coastal areas and control erosion.

Key Findings

Our artificial reefs exhibited a robust performance in the flume test. This shows that our structures can shield coastlines from the impact of overtopping and can be used as a reliable coastal protection measure. The research affirms that our reefs prevent erosion, which will contribute to the overall stability and resilience of the coastline.

Next to the effectiveness in coastal engineering our structures also excel in promoting biodiversity. Due to their porosity and the freedom we have in creating intricate shapes, marine life easily attaches to our structures, as seen in the Oostvoornse Lake. This dual benefit makes our solution environmentally sustainable.

A big thank you to Deltares for their support and for extending our stay, allowing us to conduct further tests on our artificial reefs. Our goal is to push the boundaries of coastal protection and prevention of erosion. We're gearing up to translate these important results into action.

Get ready for June '24 when we will test 150 structures in the Delta flume of Deltares!


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